Library Management and Old Books

Need help with your library?

Need advice?

Qdoc relies on a group of competent workers with a wide experience in the management and working of all the different services that can be offered by a library.

Library services have the main objective of spreading information. It is necessary to study the environment and type of public that attends libraries, in order to provide a high-quality service.

Qdoc offers a pack of enhancements for libraries, going from carrying out the whole documentary process to activities of library extension. We are responsible for carrying out all this process for your bibliographical directory is perfectly treated and available for a better use.

As far as automatic cataloguing is concerned, Qdoc is made up of a group of specialists that can work with whatever format you use in your centre

We also adapt to your Integral System of Library Management (Absynet, Millenium…)

Invigorate your library

Are you interested in hosting different activities in your library?

Qdoc offers a few activities that cater to all ages, like for example:

  • Storytelling
  • Encounters with authors
  • Thematic week
  • Guided tours

Indeed, Qdoc is totally open to the petitions of our clients. Ask for an activity, leave it in our hands and we will offer you a satisfactory solution.

Old Books

Qdoc, with the intention of preserving the historical memory, offers you the chance of performing tasks of inventory and our expert’s report of old directories. In order to appreciate the economic and cultural richness of your collection:

  • Inventory or cataloguing, depending on your needs, of institutional or private collections that lack the appropriate means for the execution of the different tasks.
  • Expert’s reports, always under the commitment of being confidential and discretion, of goods and furniture related to libraries and documentation.
  • Composition of the exact lots of materials in honour of its change of honour or inheritage.
  • Composición de lotes justos de los citados materiales en aras de su enajenación o reparto en herencias.
  • Advice about the best way of transferring these patrimonial goods.

If you think you might possess a valuable book or library, with historical value, cultural or documentary richness, don’t hesitate to contact us for an expert’s report.

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